As a religious service missionary in Norway I brought a Canon EOS M with a 22mm f2.0 lens and learned to love photography. Upon returning home I have grown more and more interested, choosing to shoot film over digital for the aesthetic. In today's digital and social media driven world I find meaning in the deliberate pace of film, finding beauty in the world around us as opposed to faking the appearance for social media. The word I want associated with my photography is 'honest'. Every picture you see on this website, including backgrounds, is my own.
I have been obsessed with film making since I was in elementary school. 
As a sophomore in high school I began learning visual effects. I competed in and won several events in the state wide high school film festival and was selected to present as a senior.
I shoot on a digital cinema camera that I have personally customized and shoot strictly on fully manual lenses made in the 1980's or before to achieve a timeless analog aesthetic. I draw inspiration from analog photography.
Currently I am doing client work and gearing up for a short film to submit to local festivals and have plans in the next five years to direct and produce a feature length film.
My dream is to pursue an independent directing career.
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